19 March 2009

Valdemar often practices sailor knots on shoelaces while wearing ninja disguises. He likes to comb the grass and water the gravel driveway. Sometimes he stacks the gravel as high as he can--14 high is his personal best. Valdemar is terrified by jar lids and chapstick.
Ponce's favorite meridian is the Prime Meridian. He loves juice boxes and often wishes they came in hexagonal packaging. Ponce does not like baked chips and is afraid of artifical colorings and flavors.
Iris enjoys long walks around potted plants, shaving mosquitoes, collecting apple pips. On Tuesdays she can be found spreading marshmallow fluff onto celery for the homeless. Iris is afraid of lightning, toes, and bobbypins.
Fairfax has often been described as shed-y. Not in the sense that he is a convenient place to store garden tools, but rather in the sense that you might want to keep him off the sofa or away from your freshly laundered pants. As a result, Fairfax has often fantasized about being bald, but is afraid it will be too breezy--if you catch his drift--without any coverings.
Trudy delights in cutting fish shapes out of orange rinds; he then glues the cut-outs to lightswitch covers. When he is not playing with oranges, he collects pieces of conduit and practices his soffit work. Trudy is afraid to count to 38 without first tying a piece of string around a safety pin.

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