18 March 2009

I lied. One more thing.

I lied again. At least two more things.

1. It is almost April. April means National Poetry Month! Once again, Stevie, Vytas and I are going to be doing a poem a day for a month on our other blog, which might be closed to "outsiders." And, I've been pestering another friend to do it with us this year, as last year she was knee deep in directing a high school play and planning a wedding.

But, we are fairly welcoming and always looking for more people to take this challenge with us. If you are interested, let me know. We don't always write amazing, publishable poems; but we don't always write rubbish, either. I'm the only one with any sort of "formal" poetry-writing training as I graduated Augustana with an English with a writing emphasis degree and took a poetry workshopping class while there. Vytas was a Classics major, so has the background of all the Greek and Latin texts and poems. Stevie just likes poetry. And she should; she's good at it. So don't be intimidated. If you want, in a bought of insanity, to sign up for a poem a day with us, we'll gladly welcome you!

2. Sometime in April I will be joining Stevie in an online workshop (?) called The Artist's Way. Her mom runs it once a year (I believe). If you are not acquainted with Laura Lein-Svencner (Stevie helped build the website!), you ought to be! Her work is fantastic, and she is perhaps my favorite collage artist. And she is delightfully funny and friendly and super generous! Especially if you are an aspiring artist. So to be working with her again is something I'm looking forward to! Be expected to see art or art practicings that come from this.

3) I lied. I have three things. Also in April it seems we might be traveling to Chicagolandia for Easter. Health concerns have struck a few member of Vytas's family and so in part the trip will be to see them and hear in person how they are doing.

I plan on having my sister's wedding veil version 1.0 done and ready to take to her dress to compare color/beading/etc. I call it version 1.0 because: 1) I have never made a veil and am ready to mess up; and 2) she wasn't terribly sure what she wanted in regards to edging/beading/length/etc, and I am ready to redo it for her if she doesn't like something.

I figured if my first attempt is in March/April, I have plenty of time before this coming September to have it completed and perfected.

Now I am done. I promise.

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