18 March 2009

A busy week that is already half over. Yikes!

This week is rather busy. But that means it is also rather exciting.

First on the table--after my new, daily, insane death-pace of new Monsters that I'm trying to maintain--is a commission from perhaps my best return customer. She has asked me to create Timid Monster versions of Marvin the Depressed Robot, DeepThought, and a Babel Fish, all from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

It is quite an exciting and challenging commission. Somewhat like the British Lawyer--though not entirely because I kind of had the "judge" image to work from--I am completely unfamiliar with the subject. So I've been looking up additional photos from the ones she showed me, and my friend, Stevie, has been finding me videos on YouTube so that I understand the characters and what exactly it is I'm trying create. All-in-all I think I've finally acquired a fairly good idea of what it is I'm doing and how I'm going to go about doing it. However, I might put them off for just one more day while I mull it over.

THEN, my DeviantArt account finally proved not worthless, as I received a commission for a B is for Bunny scrabble pendant.

Wait. I should back up.

On Monday I received a rather heavy package from my sister. I had vaguely known she had stuff she wanted to send me, but I hadn't the first idea of what it might actually be. Turns out, she found the clay I use on super sale and bought 60 packs!

And! She knew from a past commission I told her about that I was out of B tiles*, having made two B is for Birds (I ended up doing S is for Silly Swan, which worked out because the woman's name began with an S). Well! Also included in package from my sister were oodles--and I do mean oodles--of scrabble tiles. So now, I have Bs again and can happily do B is for Bunny for this lovely Deviant!

And this package came at a great time, besides. My Etsy is currently how I make my living. Of course the amount I make could never really support me at this time (*crosses fingers that at some point it will, though that means my production has to madly increase*). Vytas, who I often mention here is a wonderful man and, so long as money isn't terribly tight, doesn't pressure me into a real job. Afterall, the plan had been part time/temp agency work with the hopes of bringing in a paltry amount to cover a bill or two a month. And most months I'm at that paltry quota. This month I would have needed more supplies and we have an extra bill. This would not have worked. But then my sister swooped in with this amazing box and saved the day.

Am I rambling? I woke up not too long ago after waiting till 5a to go to bed so there is a good chance I am just rambling. Where was I? Timid Monster commissions, necklace commission, package o'stuff, and.... Boxes!

My order of correct sized boxes came in and just in time, too. I had a measly five left on the shipping shelf. So now I have 200 of the correct boxes and 100 of the incorrect boxes.

And as I went out to retrieve my box of boxes this... noon hour. I discovered that it is warm. Not just not so cold, as it has been for a few teasing weeks, but actually warm. Without needing to be in direct line of the sun when there isn't a breeze. It is glorious. My window, which is overlapped a bit by my desk, had been thrown open! And I am resisting the urge to run outside with packets of pea seeds and bean seeds and cucumber seeds and all the others that can be sowed outside rather than started indoors.

I guess I have gone on long enough. For now. Tune in next time I frantically dump lots of news into one post!

Oh wait! I am not done. I also forgot to mention that The Sweet Jelly Bean is being wonderful enough to host a giveaway for me in the coming week(s). I don't want to give away too much at this early stage, but I will say the prize is awesome!

Ok now I am really done. I promise.

*I had bought and "broke" a scrabble set to have real tiles for a collage I did a few years ago. Then I got on Etsy and saw everyone coating them in paper and selling them, and I thought, well that's strange, wouldn't it be better to have drawings of some sort on them? And mostly I was just trying to not waste the rest of the letters.

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