17 March 2009

Monsters Galore

Eliza gets teased by the other Monsters. She thinks their teasing is unfair; she can't help that her horns grew in upside down. Eliza tries to make the most of her lonely life and can often be found loitering under oak leaves.
Blanche the Timid Monster thinks she is just the most devastatingly gorgeous Monster ever. While other Monsters may or may not agree on this point, they all agree her southern twang does not add to the charm. In fact many suspect it is a learned accent and that those stars are actually cosmetic alterations.
Art tends not to worry about life. He figures it will happen regardless, so why bother worrying. He does, however worry about deforestation and animals driven out of their homes. Why, Monsters were once brave and fearless predators in the wild, not the sissy-footed house pests they are today. Art is afraid another animal will move in on the comfortable new Monster surroundings.
Lola detests loafers. In fact her hatred for them runs so deeply that whenever she comes across a pair she promptly disposes of them in the nearest garbage disposal. She is also not fond of side-saddled shoes. Lola does like some shoes. For instance she loves stillettos.
Janie delights in the fact that her eerie glow even creeps out other Monsters. When she isn't devising devious plots to scare the others, she can be found wading through bleach in oversized galoshes. Janie is terrified by asparagus coated in shaving cream.

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