17 March 2009

Where have I been?

Well first, Vytas did not have work on Thursday or Friday; they called it Winter Holiday or some such thing. So we dug a bit--dug a lot--in the back yard and cleared a LOT of debris and trash. To see pictures of our progress you can click here. Really it isn't very exciting, though it might be neat to see what we started with and then later what we will end up with.

Gardening, like art and clay and paints and books and things of that nature, is one of the things I find endless joy in. Even if it is just digging about in preparation of a future garden--the unfun stuff before the fun stuff, if you will. I plan on spending much of my summer in the yard. My yard. Not a patch of dirt in front of a porch of a duplex I am renting (though really this is an abandoned yard of a duplex I'm renting), not my mom's yard... Mine. And Vytas's.

Despite how badly I wanted to garden and dig about in dirt, by Saturday I was congested, had a sore throat, and no energy; Vytas pronounced me sick. So I have been recovering.

Last night (Sunday night) I finally felt better and made new Monsters, and today (Monday) I posted them. Now the actual today (St. Patrick's day) I am posting here! Woo.

Anyway. Here are the Monsters.
Desmond likes to keep to himself. He enjoys quiet walks through meadows and collecting wild flowers. His favorite flower is the black-eyed susan, even though it has become rather domesticated. Sometimes Desmond picks flowers for his favorite person. (He has sold already!!)
Anna the Timid Monster refuses to admit that she is losing her hearing. The other Monsters tease her about the lean she is developing--though Anna also refuses to admit she has a lean. Anna is afraid of lemon drops, antelopes, ginger snaps.
Lily the Timid Monster spends her time mixing mustard with chocolate frosting and spreading the mixture on book pages; she has been banned from more than 27 libraries. Lily is only afraid of mayonnaise and trumpets.
Many Monsters call Horace a dreamer. They laugh and tease that he takes the time to watch the sky and the flowers and the sea and countless other things. Horace doesn't mind. He is more afraid of missing something than of what the others say.
Helga likes to pretend she is a magnet and can often be found trying to tape herself to metallic things such as fridges, cars, and bananas. Her favorite drink is a chocolate and avocado smoothie. Helga is afraid of cinnamon, earthquakes, and commitment.
Also, new "My Heart for You" and Easter Monsters were posted. Check out the shop to see them. By the way, can you tell I learned how to make words in my text be links?!


  1. Your monsters are always wonderful...hope that sore throat has pinged off...and gardening...it was so nice to read about your joy in it..


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