03 March 2009

This sketch is of an old lady who was in mismatched clothes and a hoodie. I was at the laundromat, and she was one of the very few people there to draw. She kept her eyes down on her folding and moved her lips like she were singing to herself, but I was too far away to hear if anything was really coming out.
This sketch is of my left hand holding a quarter. I was at the laundromat and very few people were there to draw as I had intended so I was left with myself and my Powerade bottle. I chose myself. Holding a quarter.

This sketch is of a lady in the laundro... Just a joke! It is a practice exercise out of one of my arting books. It is of a woman figure in a somewhat foreshortened figure.
All three are available at my Etsy shop. www.trishczech.etsy.com

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