02 March 2009

Too many posts today. Sorry.

Ok, so Spiderman Timid Monster has been sitting about finished, bakes, photographed, etc. for a while now. I decided I ought to post him as well.

Spiderman as a Timid Monster was the original who started all the themed Monsters. The very first in this edition was made for a gift for my future brother-in-law. Finally, I have made a second for sale so that others may bask in its awesomeness! Hahaha. I might be just a little bit enamored with this design.

But really, while this is an open edition, I promise it won't be a very large one as Spiderman is very complex and detailed to make; he is also rather time-consuming. Don't wait to eventually own one from this edition. Jump on it now!

For sale at [link]

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  1. Can see why he started the timid monster revolution!


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