24 March 2009

Timid Monster Give Away!

That's right! You read correctly! One lucky person is going to win Joel the Timid Monster! Totally free! Woo!

"Joel enjoys fashioning sandals out of corn husks and sleeping bags out of candy wrappers. He loves to keep pet balloon animals, but they scare easily and run away when they hear loud pops, leaving behind their rubbery droppings. Left alone, Joel tends to be afraid of sandcastles, labyrinths and kittens."

By now you must be asking, "But Trish, what must I do to enter to win? Surely you are asking some insane test of occupational endurance! HaHaHa! I am not! And it is really quite easy. I promise!

Here's what to do! First. Go to The Sweet Jelly Bean's blog posting about this giveaway. Then, read her simple rules for entering the contest. They are things such as check out my Etsy store and report back with your favorite Monster and start following this blog. I know. Torture. There are more ways to earn bonus entries, but I'll leave you to read all that at her blog. Lastly, WIN!

Also, while you are clicking about, you ought to swing over to The Sweet Jelly Bean's Etsy shop and check out all the fantastic sweets she has available!

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  1. ...somehow you've managed to capture the timid look with his eyes...so clever...


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