25 March 2009

We have two good cameras. Not great like 40Ds, but we have two Eos Rebels--fairly respectable digital SLRs for two people who are would-be avid photographers on a budget. Recently, we acquired a lens attachment that allows you to shoot as though you had a macro lens (for much cheaper than an actual macro lens, which I still want).

Yesterday I went out playing the backyard. Here are three favorites I posted on DA and the Etsy print shop today. And even though I always say it and then never follow through, there will be more to follow.

Tomato seedings that will soon be a tomato plants!
Seed pods from last summer.
More seed pods from last summer.
And, of course, a Timid Monster. I might post more things later. I am undecided. My back kind of hurts, I am kind of tired, and Vytas wants me to go for a run with him. So, this might be it for today.
Tammy the Timid Monster likes to cut the heads of matchsticks. Her favorite month is June, and she wishes it came around more than once a year. Tammy is afraid of spaghetti, ping pong tables, and mouthwash.

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