27 March 2009

Today's Timid Monsters. Fun. :D
Duncan likes to pretend he is a weather balloon. He is glad he is not a real one, however, because he is not fond of heights. Duncan also does not like french fries, monsoons, or training wheels. He is afraid of turnips and prarie dogs.
Olivia the Timid Monster enjoys drawing faces in o's, much to the library's dismay. She also enjoys licking stamps and putting them on windows. Olivia is terrified of hole punches, watermelons, and lampshades.
Garrick is interested in the katydid effect and things to much attention it paid to those showy butterflies. He doesn't like fish sticks, but can't get enough of lemon peels in chocolate sauce. Wood glue, fabric softener, and launguage tapes scare Garrick.

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  1. I know just how Garick feels....amongst other things, I too am afraid of Wood glue, fabric softener and launguage tapes. :-)


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