27 March 2009


These are probably the last of the first macro shoot I did on Tuesday that I am going to post. Then you get a reprieve until at least Friday afternoon. Vytas needs the lens for something at school. Not the macro attachment, mind you, but the stock lens. And I may or may not have dropped the other stock lens in the past, leaving us with only one that auto-focuses. Go me!
"Rusty Wind." This is my favorite windchime that apparently rusts when left outside.
"Organic Flame." I love roses. I was thrilled to see there is a big rose of sharon bush in the backyard of our new apartment. New leaves on rose are always so bright red! It is fantastic.


  1. The Rusty Wind picture is beautiful! Nice work!

  2. Thanks. While I was always into art and arty things, photography was definitely my gateway drug. Now I'm into the heavier stuff: oils, acrylics, collage, "sculpture."

    I am glad I get a chance every once in a while to go back to photography though.


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