30 March 2009

"Real" Job: Whine, whine, whine

So it looks as though I may be getting a "real" job now. Real as in I interviewed for with a temp agency this morning. Like my last experience with a temp agency, it would appear I am hired. Hired for what exactly still remains to be seen.

They called/emailed in response to an online application I submitted for a data entry (gag) job I had applied. Now if it had been the company in question directly contacting me, I would have interviewed and gladly accepted the job had they offered it.

BUT since it is a temp/staffing agency that contacted me, when I went in for my interview and was asked about the position I was interested in, I told them that they had contacted me for the data entry, but since they were a staffing, as well as temp agency, I would be more interested in temping for a while. Preferably short term temping.

The young man I interviewed with seemed surprised--who knows, maybe that is rare in this job market, what with people pouncing on any full time security they can get, particularly if they are resorting to a staffing agency--and asked why. I told him that I run two online shops that sell my art, sculpture (ok, ok... Timid Monsters...), and photography and in recent months sales have improved drastically, which they have (but anything more than $50 a month is drastic compared to my first 8 months which averaged less than $5 a month*) and I would like time to still be able to create products/art, manage the shops, and process orders.

He seemed to accept this as a viable answer. At least it was better than he might have been expecting, "I don't really want to work, so the more days off I can get the better." I am not opposed to working in the least. Will I enjoy doing something menial that does not utilize either my creativity or my double majors (graduation cum laude!)? NO! But I will still do it. It's just that I would MUCH rather work for myself. Isn't that part of the new "American Dream"? To be your own boss? Set your own schedules? Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

And now, NOW, that my shops are finally showing REAL potential to make a living from them, I think it fairly understandable that I would be loathe to have a full time job to keep me away from things now. And I tried to run a shop and work full time when I was at Ruhl and Ruhl. It was exhausting keeping track of 30+ people in a real estate office, plus all their requests, plus answering phones, plus all the other charges I had, and then getting home in the evening and try to expend any sort of creative energy to keep posting and updating my shop. I couldn't do it, and my shop was doing pretty awfully.

But as I said, if I have to, I have to.

So rather than coming home at noon and posting and making things after my interview today, I met Vytas for lunch, came home, got Krigshjalte to 60, found out he doesn't get his paladin epic mount until 61 (I KNOW!), picked all my town's fruit in Animal Crossing, played more WoW, and between it all I sudoku-ed.

Probably because I was sad. Oh, well. Tomorrow I will have to make up for my lack of motivation today.

*Ok, I admit I am doing better than $50 a month--though still not enough to support myself on if I didn't have Vytas being terrific--otherwise I wouldn't want so desperately to keep working on it. Not that you could tell that I do judging from these past four, postless days.


  1. Hang in there...maybe you could make little monsters for a speilberg video...hope you don't have to do too much 'outside' work...

  2. Good luck on the job front! I received my Timid Monsters in the mail yesterday, and I love them! They're actually for my kids' Easter baskets, but I'm not going to let them play with them. I don't want them to break the little guys!

  3. Thanks to both of you for the job-well-wishes.

    Also, Heather, glad they arrived safely! You had the Easter Monster, right? I was a little worried because he was barely short enough to fit in the box and his ears might have been fragile.


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