31 March 2009


Well wasn't yesterday's pity party fun?! I know I had a blast. Anyway back to the Monster grind today! Not only will I be posting, I will also be making. Or cleaning. My room gets out of control faster than you can shake a stick at.


And I need to get revved up. Tomorrow, afterall, is 1 April. And we all know what that means. National Poetry Month! Stevie, Vytas and I (and possibly Melissa) will once again be madly writing poetry at the frantic rate of one poem a day! If anyone would care to join us--we even have a special blog for it!--feel free to comment on this message or send me an email at patriciaczech (at) gmail dot com for an invite.

And now, without any further ado, I present Hal and Parker. Parker the Timid Monster likes to arrange the boxes of food in the pantry according to packaging color. She also likes to collect bits of sticks she finds in the lawn. Parker is afraid that the dustpan is stalking her and is in cahoots with the broom.
Hal is very concerned about the state of the geranium on the radiator. He is afraid all that heat will transforms its roots into tentacle legs that will break through the bottom of the pot, allowing the geranium to run mad through the house. Hal is also concerned about the peas in fried rice.

(Oh! and sometimes, rather than sitting about doing things in silence--you'd be surprised how often I do that--I play my itunes list in alphabetical order. I am too lazy to make a list or even select random play. That and on random play, my itunes tends to play only musical soundtracks; I don't know why. Sort of like how Vytas's plays only teenybop (why does he even have that?) and the Evita soundtrack if you let it have its own way. Anyway I usually start at a random letter so I hear different things when I have it on. Why am I telling you all this? Because I like to type, to read my own voice? Perhaps. But mostly because of a little known band that has actually been about for some time and has several CDs out. Firewate. I love them. And I often overlook them until they happen to have a song that falls between Na and Pz in the alphabet. Go listen to something by them.)

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