27 April 2009

First Art Festival!

For all those in the state of New Jersey, be sure to keep May 16th free!

Why you ask?

Because I will be participating in a street art fair for the Tricity Arts Festival in Asbury, New Jersey ([link][link]).

I will have a table and will be selling my Timid Monsters and possibly some other odds and ends. This means that between now and then I will be trying to make at LEAST 100-150 brand new, never before seen or posted Timid Monsters to take with. I will also have some Trapped Monsters and some themed/special occasion Monsters. I might even take some earrings and jewelry/scrabble necklaces with, if I have time to make some. I would like to take prints, but I am not sure I will have the time/resources to get them made and get enough plastic sleeves to sell them in. Or the time cut matte board or even matte any...

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