27 April 2009

Ryder the Timid Monster loves to drink salted milk while eating day-old macaroni that spent the night in the pot on the stove. His favorite hobby is melting crayons together to build scaffolds. Ryder is afraid of novellas, new enterprises, and washcloths. Valerie feels like less of a Monster because her horns never grew in. Instead, stars starting appearing and they keep growing. So much in fact, that Valerie's biggest fear is that one day her stars will completely cover her natural color, leavign her solid maroon.
Racquel does not enjoy being in bright lights. This is because her pupils are constantly dilated. Her iris apparently lacks the autonomic response to contract it. Left with over-dilated pupils, Racquel likes night time activities such as javelin throwing, spear fishing and raising sea cucumbers.

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