14 April 2009

Home again!

Cornelius enjoys impressing others with his mad computing skills. No other Timid Monster can calculate the speed at which an olive needs to be thrown in gale force winds to make it into the nearest anthill. Cornelius is often intimidated by lawyers, kittens, and daisies.
Lois the Timid Monster likes to arrange stems in vases after cutting the flowers off. She also enjoys sawing magnets in half, painting wishbones orange, and taking scissors apart. Lois is afraid of origami, dust ruffles, and pears.
Talulah has always wanted to be a Rockette, but she does not have the legs, and she is afraid of public performances. While dreaming about a not-so-terrifying stage, Talulah practices kicks, splits, and tackles. Talulah is afraid of metronomes, subways, and fabric softener.


  1. your little monsters are awesome!

  2. Thanks! And thanks for joining my blog as a follower.


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