15 April 2009

Dustin does not like politics. He also does not care for public displays, keynote speakers, or barrettes. He can often be found sorting butter knives by their weight divided by their length. Dustin is afraid of ball point pens, martial law, and sweet potatoes.
Reuban enjoys decorating apples with feathers and glitter. He thinks it makes them look even more appealing and delicious. He also likes to decorate pears with apple peels that have been decorated with glitter and feathers. Reuban is afraid of matchsticks, polyurethane, and kiwis.
Denise the Timid Monster is afraid of bananas. She won't even go down the produce aisle for fear that she might run into some. Besides avoiding the produce aisle, Denise spends much of her time stacking bread and marinading flowers in garlic and vinegar.

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