16 April 2009

Per usual

I came back from Chicagolandia with a rather nasty cold. Don't worry. The Timid Monsters I've been posting where finished/photographed/processed before I left, so they have been in a drawer and nice and germ free.

So if I'm sick, why am I awake at 3:31am instead of getting my rest. Well, because I went to bed last night at 11:30p and woke up at 6am, just to go to bed again at 7:30am and sleep till 2:30pm. So in part because I don't feel so very tired. Also, because I have that nasty instant congestion. You know the one where you blow your nose clear of more stuff than it should be able to hold and then 19 seconds later you again can't breathe. And that is the absolute worst for trying to fall asleep. ABSOLUTE WORST. And waking up is even more awful when you have this sort of congestion.

And so while I'm awake, I've been doing a bit of late responding to conversations and blog-bits. Also, I received an invite to Artician.com beta. It seems that a lot of people like it far better than DA so I am in the process of creating a free account. I have yet to really explore, and I may not post my Monsters there, depending on the sorts of art/whatnot I find there. You can view my page there at trishczech.artician.com though I have absolutely nothing up. Not even avatars or such. Ok I lied. I just figured out how to change/upload an avatar. And I did an Atom feed from this blog to the blog I can have on Artician. Hmm.. I guess that means that for now, I will have Timid Monsters there.

Ok, I think I am done for now and shall go try to fall asleep despite all my ailments.

I am not sure if I shall have anything new to post tomorrow as I am now out of Monsters that were premade. I have a photographs I could probably post as prints and a few pairs of earrings lying about. I want to stick to things I had premade and pre-photographed so that I do not have to handle them and get them germy. Maybe I will just take tomorrow off as I probably should have taken yesterday and today off.

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  1. hoping your feeling better..check out my blog I posted you as a favorite etsy shop and featured one of your monsters :) it will be on for one week then I will give someone else a chance :) have a great day!


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