10 April 2009

I can't stay away.

I lied. Here it is only the tenth and already I am posting. I bet you are wishing I had kept my word to not post until the 14th. Oh well.

Mostly I wanted to say how excited I am for poetry month this year. Stevie, Vytas and I added two more to our ranks, Melissa and Becky! Melissa is unable to do the poem-a-day, but she is aiming for one to a few a week. Becky, who I wasn't sure would even want to do it, is not only posting one nearly everday, but has even be writing more than one on some days, possibly trying to catch up from her late start! This makes me very excited.

Well, that is all I really wanted to say. If anyone is newly/still interested, we welcome late-joinersn (no need to try to catch up either)! Either comment here or send me an email at trupinys.trishczech [at] gmail dot com.

Ok, I have to go quickly look for an old bike I might be giving Stevie and then go shower before meeting my mom for her lunch break! Hope everyone is doing well, and with any luck, Vytas and I will have fun if not artistic pictures from the Sigmus celebration later tonight.

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