07 April 2009

I will probably not be posting again until the 14th. I say probably, because I will have internet access at my parent's, but I won't really have much of anything in the way of art or art updates while I am gone.

Today I posted some Monsters and a pair of earrings. Oh! And a Lil' Pig that I've had done since long before I moved to New Jersey in August but kept forgetting to photograph and post. Every once in a while I like trying to make tiny, tiny animals. I have done moose, cats and elephants in the past. The cats are still mostly a fleet on my desk, but eventually I will get them posted as I have no need for all 25 of them.

Before I go I will be posting two more sets of the "Mommy and Me"s. One is a mommy/son pairring. Ooohhh. When I return I shall finally do Graduation Monsters and perhaps the wedding ones as well.

Speaking of weddings! While I am home I believe I am going to get measured for my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding. Her official appointment date it the 18th, but I will be back in New Jersey by then, so I think she is taking me early. We shall see. And I never did start, let alone finish the veil. *sigh*. But this is alright, as she never tried either the plastic or the metal combs I bought to see which is more comfortable. And since I am a goodish bit shorter than her, I can use the excuse that I had no real measurement to by for length. I will, therefore be taking the materials home with me and getting a start on it there.

Lastly, I've decided to close the print shop--it doesn't get many views unless I am posting to it daily, and I won't be--but to keep the main shop, Trupinys, open. I will be responding to questions, concerns and the whatnot. Most orders will go out on the 14th. Some/any custom orders might not go out until the 15th.

That is all. See you in a few days.

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