07 April 2009

Sorry, things were a bit lazy and nuts today. Vytas is off for Spring Break and whenever he is home it seems my schedules get out of whack. And we are allegedly getting ready to go to Chicagolandia for Easter. And I still have to at least START the veil for my sister *sigh*. So because we are so ready what with out laundry sitting in a heap, the house a mess, the animals not prepared, the veil unstarted, suitcases not even out, we went out tonight to see one of his co-workers bands at a place called The Red Lion in New York. It was fun. But it was also unnecessary.

All I posted today were two "Mommy and Me"s. I am still debating officially closing my shop from Wednesday until Monday or just posting notes EVERYWHERE that all orders will not go out until Tuesday the 14th. I've closed shop before, but since, I have seen tons that just say they will be gone and orders will go out late. Stevie likes to point out that even semi-popular shops only got to the post once or twice a week, whereas I am willing to go everyday if the orders are there. I suppose one half week of only going once wouldn't kill the shop... We'll see.

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