05 April 2009

I made Vytas take me to Michael's today. I had an email coupon for 50% off which I might have printed off twice--once for him and once for me. While there, I got some clay working tools. I have been, for the most part, working everything by hand, but have lately been thinking I could make it better and nicer and easier with some shaping tools. So I got a pack for half off to try.

More exciting(!) I got a clay pasta roller with 9 thickness settings! I will no longer have to kill my hands kneading, mixing or rolling out clay. This will come in especially handy for making themed Monsters. I would have killed to have had one of these when I was making the British lawyer Monster's robes. This was also 50% thanks to a coupon.

While there I also picked up three more "Lulu"-sized jars and then two square and one round 3inch apothercary jars for more mini habitats. These, unlike the first one, are glass. I also got a clearance little lantern thing for a tea light that has glass walls. I'm going to try to convert it into a Monster habitat as well.

Thad compulsively checks the mailbox. When ever he leaves or comes home he has to check it, even if the mail already came or it is a Sunday or holiday. He cannot help it. The other Monsters laugh and try to distract him from checking the mailbox, but Thad is afraid that one day the reply from his long lost sweetheart will arrive, and he will miss it.

Thad is the only Monster of the three that I posted today that I'm going to also post here. I was incredibly pleased with the way he turned out. He definitely seemed like a bitter, grumpy old man who could have once seemed like a happy, young man totally in love. Hope he finds a hopeless romantic to buy him. I also posted a new print called "April Showers" taken after a rainstorm and a pair of earrings that aren't anything terribly exciting, but I had the stones and didn't really know what else I would ever use them for. And I thought they were too pretty to go to waste sitting in a box on a shelf.

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  1. Thad is fabulous...fancy accidentally printing off two coupons..well after that you'd have to use them wouldn't you...a waste otherwise..the new tools sound useful...it's always exciting getting new arty stuff...


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