05 April 2009


Yesterday I posted a lot of things. An all new Mini Monster Habitat, three regular Timid Monsters (Edwin, Loretta and Doozer), a pair of earrings, and a print ("Next to Bloom"). Notice all the not also posting them here I'm doing? That is because I plan on posting today's here and something exciting that happened yesterday.

So you may or may not have noticed the edited note saying that "Mommy and Me" was featured in a Treasury. Well, I finally know why Treasuries are so exciting. Sometimes they make it to the Etsy front page!

See it?! Third row, last picture! About 20 new people "hearted" my shop, and "Mommy and Me," along with a few others, was purchased! We had been out to celebrate a friend's birthday in New York, and I was more than shocked to find myself on the front page of Etsy when I came home. It was more exciting than if one of my Monsters had won a DD on DeviantArt. Proof? I took screen shots then put them together in photoshop so I could show you all here. Yes, I am a dork.

Ok that is it for now. I'll probably post again when I make actual shop postings in a bit.

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