03 April 2009

It rained a lot today.

Really, it rained a lot this week. Every other day was continuously wet. The other days were gorgeous and sunny and warm. As luck would have it, I only needed to go to the post office with orders on the wet days. Mostly I didn't mind, but if this trend keeps up it could become annoying.

I posted a fair amount today. I have been thinking about just listing what I post rather than actually posting it here as well. It seems as though this blog must get boring what with the, "Here are more Timid Monsters" day after day. I mean I know I flat-out say this blog was made to shamelessly self-promote but after a few months, I think the shamelessly is starting to wear off.

Maybe instead I should talk more about what I do with my not creating time. Though readers would also only want to listen to so much talk about WoW, Animal Crossing, Golden Girls (or as I so lovingly dubbed them, the old sassbots), and the books I read. I mean I guess that would fall under the "Stuff" category.

For instance I recently finished Peter Ackroyd's Shakespeare: The Biography and very highly recommend it. It may mostly be the dork in me saying this, but it was a real page turner. And last Sunday I went to see a production of Medea performed in ancient Greek at Columbia in New York. It was incredible.

But see that might not be terribly interesting to anyone either, and it certainly isn't the art that many have signed up for. Oh, well, for now, here are the numerous things which I posted today! (Note: Instead of displaying the Monsters real stories, I'm gonna try talking about them and why/how I made them.)
"New Leaves" Creative, huh? These are tiny new leaves from our baby avocado tree. Vytas started it from a pit, and it is only about two feet tall so far.

Wendell is what I call a creepster. Creepsters are still Timid Monsters but they are rather goony and/or creepy, like Mervin who was pink with a humanish face. Some creepsters sell incredibly fast--same day/week--while others stick around for months at a time. I don't usually repeat many of the creepster features even if they sell quickly. I am not sure why. Part of it is because they are so unfortuante and creepy. Another part is that it just seems wrong to have very many creepsters at any one time. So what does this mean? It means that if you want a TRULY original and one of a kind Monster, be sure to nab a creepster like Wendall.
During the giveaway I was stunned by Iris's popularity. My sister, when she sent me that large supply of clay, also sent little clay cutters. I had always prided myself on forming everything by hand but I thought using some for shaped spots would be fun. And Iris was apparently a large hit. Rosalie was going to be another like Iris, except after I placed the first orange flower, I realized that I was simply making another Iris (yellow Monster with orange flowers). So I ended up with this instead and knew her name before she was even baked. This is an extremely rare occurance for me, as my process is usually make, bake, photograph, upload pictures, name, process and post--with the stories coming at the posting time.
Someone is already interested in Tara, and so she is marked reserved. In this batch of Monsters I had a lot of new facial features, though thankfully not all of them turned out to be creepsters. The new features add detail which add to the price, however. So, Tara was mostly just a return to some standard features. Also, I haven't made any with there vertically stacked eyes in a while. Mostly they do not sell quite as well as some other designs. But I like them. So I keep making them, though more infrequently than I would like

Well, we shall see how this goes. Everything is available at either http://www.trishczech.etsy.com/ or http://www.photosbyvytsandtrish.com/.

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