26 April 2009

Kail enjoys a good sauerkraut and borage sandwich every now and then. Stealing surveying stakes is one of his favorite activities. He also enjoys writing his own dialogue for foreign films. Kail is afraid of lime wedges, metronomes, and lines of longitude.
Dooley the Timid Monster does not like antelopes; he doesn't like the way they are always showing off for the cameras. He likes less showy animals like the peacock and the hippopotamus. Dooley often makes posters to protest against animals like the antelope, but he is too afraid to picket in front of their cages at the zoo.
Abraham the Timid Monster wishes he were a manlier color, even purple would be better. To keep his mind off his color, Abraham picks wildflowers to bake into souffles. He can also be found stringing anchovies on dental floss. Abraham is afraid of scissors, trousers, and diagrams.

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