23 April 2009

Sasha enjoys building miniature mountain-scapes out of grass and twigs. Her favorite food is deepfried cantaloupe, and she thinks it is ever better dipped in tartar sauce. Sasha is a bit intimidated by limousines, air horns, and sausage.
Leigh The Timid Monster does not like to listen to disco. She thinks it is the lamest of lame musics ever created. And do not get her started on 80s love ballads. Leigh is not afraid of much other than calendars.
Jorge the Timid Monster likes to rearrange movies at the rental store. He also likes to add toothpaste to sourcream. Jorge believes that the horns make a Monster and that if you don't have horns you might as well just give up. Jorge is afraid of losing his horns, stepping in chewing gum, and listening to soundchecks.


  1. As always these are fantastic...think you need to get a book together...photos and blurbs on personality traits...

  2. Thanks. I actually have been considering childrens' books with my friend illustrating, but she's been busy with her last year of graphic design school. She graduates this week, though and will be here for two weeks after. We shall have to see...


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