01 May 2009

After a procrastinating start,

I began making Timid Monsters for that art festival/show/fair today. My grand total so far, completely knocking my previous best of 21 in a day WAY out of the water, is 48. You read correctly. 48. They are not yet photographed, named, or biography-ed, but! 48 are done! This is going to be hard.

Especially because I'm not terribly sure how many to actually take, how well they will sell, or if I'll just look like a giant fool with little clay Monsters while everyone around me will have "real" art on display.

I finally told my mom about doing this art fair, and she was surprisingly supportive--moreso than I was expecting. She asked how many I was planning on taking. When I told her I was aiming for 100-150 and she told me that would never be enough, as they are so inexpensive people will actually buy them. I am planning on also taking some habitats, themed Monsters, and special occasion Monsters, but now I am worried that I won't have enough.

I suppose taking too many would be better than taking too few and being sad if I sell out early. Mostly all this feels as though I am being too hopeful and setting my expectations too high.

So yeah... 48. In one day.

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  1. Set a limit and then take orders and a down payment and if need be the shipping too. This way you will have a job for awhile after if you sell out. Good to hear of the family support!
    Go Girl!


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