01 May 2009

Chas the Timid Monster loves to raise sea competitive sea cucumbers. In his free time, he also likes to wrap apples in orange peels before boiling them in sandy water. Chas is afraid of stale meats, life rafts, and incubators.
Dudley is allergic to parsimmons and believes if he gets too near an avocado he will break out into hives. His favorite bird is the scarlet ibis. Dudley is afraid of macaroons, playing cards, and things done at the last minute.
Megan the Timid Monster believes flowers are replicas of celestial bodies, only smaller and more fragrant. Her favorite food is lettuce that has been soaked in beet juice for six hours. Any longer and it spoils the lettuce. Megan is afraid of jump ropes, salad tongs, and ginger ale.

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