27 May 2009

A bit more towards stuff in this entry

Ok.. Lot of things have been happening that are either unfortunate, humorous, or--honestly--both.

First, it's been warm enough that we decided it was time to give Cookie, my long-haired cat, her annual short-haired haircut. We don't have AC or anything and I hate to see how uncomfortably hot she always looks, but since we do it ourselves with Vytas's man grooming kit, the results are always fairly laughable. Maybe I'll get a picture of her looking cool, but good and awkward later.

Two days ago, I stepped on a nail! Fun! It was brand new and never used. It was mixed in with the other sharp things I keep spread about my floor--bent paperclips, open saftey pins, thumbtacks, sewing needles, razorblades, etc. It was about 3/4" long and went nearly all in, with only about 1/8" sticking out. Vytas said it was about time I fell victim to my sharp-things-field, as normally he is the one. After I finished cursing, I had a decent giggle over it. The limp is mostly gone.

Yesterday, I admitted to being sick. Really I had been for about two days, but yesterday I was unbearably miserable. Thankfully that also seemed to be the bottom of the curve as today I am feeling MUCH better, though still annoyingly congested and coughy.

Yesterday also, Vytas received two peices of mail. One was in regards to voter registration. The other was a bit of promotional junk mail from State Farm. Now in the past we've always laughed at companies not getting his name right. Amongst our favorites have been Vites, Zytas Zaznelis (our current cable company) and Vyvas. On the letter from voter registration stuff it read: Umas Vaznelis. That's right, Umas. On the bit from State Farm--you won't believe this--it said (are you ready for this?), "Vytas Sounds like V Eetus Vaznelis." I almost peed myself laughing. But hey, they got it right. Though I would like to know what an Eetus is.

Yesterday--ok yesterday was just exciting!--Vytas dumpster dove without me! I was so proud. I always, but especially since moving to New Jersey where we walk everywhere, have been prone to take things being tossed by other people. One man's junk and all that, right? Some of my best treasures have been a wooden tower of shelves that has served many, many purposes and is currently holding countless canvasses, packaging materials, and jars/bottles of stuff, a 20 gallon fish tank with working filter/hood system, a desk which is stationed out back as a planting table, a full length mirror, and a new rug. I always have to argue with Vytas to help me tote them home, yes I really want them, and yes we really have a use/place for it.

So I was quite surprised to find a GIANT, be-wheeled gas grill in the gangway. Apparently at 6:30 in the morning he wheeled it home from a block and a half away. There are a few parts that are rusty and need cleaning. And it tilts some-what to one side. But he brought home a tank of propane, and it works! Even the little stovey bit works! So hey! We now have a full sized grill. A fancy one at that with wheels, gas, about 18 layers of grilling surfaces, and wooden side shelves.

It doesn't fit down our gangway past our side door stairs. So we either need more than him and me lifting it over them, or we need to take it apart and reassamble it in the backyard.

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