26 May 2009


So as much as I procrastinate on them, I love commissions! I finally did the Timid Monster dressed in Victorian clothes playing the violin. I tried to remember to take making-of photos, but I mostly forgot so only have a few.
This first photo is courtesy of Vytas. It is of me adding the tuner knobs to the teeny violin.
And here is the teeny violin after it has been baked!
Here is the start of the Monster.
I meant to take a picture after the skirt and before the top, but I forgot. Here she is in the dress, but sans arms.
And this is a view from the top so you could see some of the violin detail.

Finally! Here she is complete, but not yet baked! She is now baked and cooling as I type this. I'm sure I'll post at least one more picture and/or link to Deviant where I will post more finished pictures.

Total height is a little bit taller than my normal Monsters but still much smaller than the British Lawyer Monster I did a few months ago. When she finishes cooling I'll give her a good measure.

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