31 May 2009

First, some stuff from yesterday

Alright, so much for shamelss self promotion here. These first two are--remarkably--sold already. I just REALLY liked them so wanted to share them here. Marisol I llike for her story. It is so sweet/sad at the end. I hope the buyer appreciates her!
Marisol loves to dance. She can't help it. Whenever she hears music, the beat just takes control and the next thing she knows, she's getting jiggy with it. Marisol is afraid the party will end and one day there will be no more music in her life.
I originally made two of these habitats--one with red flowers, the other with orange. It is a sad (or happy, I suppose) little Monster playing the "loves me--loves me not" game while plucking the petals off a flower. I made two because I had plans for making this a regular item. An open addition, if you will. This one sold within 13 minutes of being posted, leaving me more than flabbergasted.
This! finally of all things I'm posting, is still available at my Etsy shop. I love this necklace. I nearly decided to keep it. But, alas... I have tons of jewelry, and I never wear any of it. Better to sell it off to someone who loves jewelry and actually wears it. I think the colors and the holes/caverns/caves that have been carved into it by sand and water are stunning. I hope someone else sees it as so.

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