21 May 2009

Today I got my artroom mostly clean. Clean enough so I can get the hearthstone keychains made and posted for MandyAnn18. Not yet clean enough to get my sister's veil--no I still haven't done it--done this weekend. But I still have tomorrow to clean!

Then next week I have a commission for a Monster in Victorian garb playing a violin! I'm pretty excited.

For now, here is a pair of earrings I made for the show that didn't sell. They are now listed on Etsy. I will most likely post a few more jewelry items later tonight, after I go to the post and eat dinners.

These earrings measure approximately 2 inches in total length. The earwires are hand-formed, and the beads are glazed ceramic and metal. Per usual, they are available at my Etsy shop.

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