20 May 2009

Special offer!

Through the end of May, become a follower of my blog and receive 15% off (before shipping) of any item from either my Trupinys shop or my print shop.

This hardly seems fair to my current 13 followers, however. So! I decided I would keep a list of followers who have used their 15% off any item joining offer. This means that this special offer applies to everybody already following, but should you use it, and should I make an offer like this again in the future, I will know you already used it and it will not apply again. Does that make sense?

It also means that there isn't an expiration on your offer. You can use it immediately or decide to wait and use it in a few days, weeks, months... The list will let me know that you still have 15% any item waiting for you!

Anyway! Swing on by the shop and buy something, let me know you are a follower in the Buyer Comments, and I'll refund you 15% of the original price. Or, let me know what you would like to buy, and I'll mark it reserved and adjust the price to reflect 15% off.

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  1. Hi how are you?
    I was looking through your blog and found it interesting and wanted to leave you a comment.

    I hope you will visit my art blog, and become friendly.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Jesse Noe


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