21 June 2009

Apparently when you have sleeping problems, they occur at one of the night or the other. Falling asleep relatively quickly last night, I woke up at 5am and laid in bed until 6:20am, unable to fall back asleep. So I got up--before my dad even--and posted things! Here they are.
Pierre does not like spelling words in foreign languages. His favorite food is lemon meringue on top of a thick sirloin. Pierre is frightened by noses, circular saws, and puzzles.
Mallory likes to go to the zoo when it is raining and and hand out umbrellas to all the animals. She doesn't think it is very fair that they should have to get wet while all the visitors stay dry--well relatively. Mallory is afraid that umbrellas pose as a choking hazard for some animals like the shovel-nosed mole and wishes she had ponchos to hand out as well.
Tidepool features a stunning grey and bronze shell attached to a sterling silver plated bail. The shell, which measures 1.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide, hangs from a piece of ribbon that is roughly 27 inches long.

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