11 June 2009

Beading samples

So I have the veil put together. As in the veil-y bit is attached to the comb. Before Istarted doing the beaded edge, I decided I ought to have a plan. Then I decided I came up with too many plans and should ask my sister what she thought. Well, I believe she is sleeping as she has work tonight. That, or she is out doing errand-type things. Also, I figured putting them all here with the descriptions would be easier for her to see them all at once, rather than them being in different emails.

All the pictures were taken with the macro, so the beads look a bit huge.
This one has seed beads all in a line with very little spacing.
This one would have to be worked a bit differently as right now they beads slide about quite freely, but it features spaced out seed beads. But now I know that this is an issue with the way I sewed them on, and I can easily do it another way. Here are those bugle beads again. This time just in a line and alone. They look fine close together, but they could probably be spaced as well.
This one is bugle beads and seed beads alternating. I could space them more, as well.
This one features spiraled bugle beads with seed beads above and between them.
At one of the bridal stores we saw a veil with a bead pattern similar to this that she seemed to like. Here I've tried to recreate it. It is a bit of a bead ric-rac with bugle and seed beads alternating. That one may have also had a line of beads along the bottom edge. So it would be two rows. One straight edge of probably bugle beads, and then a row of this ric-rac above it.
These beads are "swarovski elements"--whatever that mans. Having them any closer than this would be odd because of their cut, but farther apart would probably work.
This one has large and small "swarovski elements" alternating. Again, closer might be odd, but farther apart might work. This one looks a bit off because it is. Heh. I tried doing something just fast with the thread slightly above this sample to see if I could/if it would work. It didn't really, so there is no picture of it. But the beads would lay flat if I hadn't bunched the tulle above them.

That is all of them that I came up with so far. I'm going to wait to hear back from my sister to see what she thinks. Then I will either start on one of these patterns or go back to the drawing board!

Also, Chris, if you have any other ideas, or would like to see different beads matched up together (like the bugle beads with the "swarovski elements") or in different patterns, or would even like to see a longer/bigger section of any of the patterns, let me know and I'll make it. Oh and I can always get more/different beads. Or try the more scattered bottom approach with the "swarovski elements," too. That's where they start off as decently big beads spread out and then as they move up in the veil they are smaller and smaller. I don't know that that would match your dress so much, though.

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  1. I like the one second from the bottom best. then the small seed beads close together and then the bugle beads, either with the seeds or without.


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