09 June 2009

Finally! My sister's wedding veil!

Or so I thought. I woke up still feeling like blah today. I'm apparently going for a personal best for days in a row of feeling disinterested in everything. So to snap myself out of it, I decided to tackle the ambitious project of making my sister's wedding veil.

I got the fabric nice and unwrinkled, folded, laid flat, clipped to this board thing that is quite useful for sewing projects, made a tissue paper pattern and made the first cut. Woo! I was on quite the roll. Then I decided to roughly pin it to the haircomb, test the length, snap a few pictures, and send them along to her to approve the length before continuing.

Some three hours later, after many discussions/debates about the width of the hair comb and the length of the veil I finally hung up with her and was out of steam. Since about five it's been on the card table that is set up in the living room in a nice, disorderly heap.

But we've decided on a slightly smaller comb (good thing I got metal ones so I could easily snip them back), a shorter--but still longish--length, and I'll really be all set to finish it tomorrow.

I think I'll try again tomorrow.

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