08 June 2009

Featured Etsy Shop: Jenn Gee! (she made this for me)

Alright, I missed doing an Etsy featured shop yesterday, but here is one today.
For Christmas, I bought my sister a coffee corset. She LOVED it.

What, you may ask, is a coffee corset? It is a bright and cheery, re-usable, coffee cuff. Earth-friendly and quite stylish, coffee corsets are great ways to keep your fingers safe after getting a steaming cup from Starbucks, DD, or your local coffee dive! Now, where can you buy one?! From Jenn Gee! The design and craftsmanship is impeccable. The fabrics and ribbons are the best! And the best part? Whenever I stop by the shop, it seems there is always some sort of sale going on. Currently free-shipping is being offered.

These coffee corsets make great gifts and are also fun treats for yourself. I have even considered taking up coffee-drinking (or tea or chai--yeah I'm pretty much a lame-o) so as to warrant getting one for myself!

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