08 June 2009

I posted two new Timid Monsters today: Tony and Jason. Both are cute and monster-y with funny stories, but still rather regular. By that I mean that they are mostly on the lower end of the price spectrum and there is nothing terribly interesting/spectacular going on with them. I've been thinking about mostly posting photos of my favorites from now on. I'm not sure. We'll see how it goes I suppose.
I do want to post pictures of another seashell necklace, however.

I named this one "Lost in the Pacific." Have you been enjoying the names I'm coming up with for this line? Anyway, I have never really seen the Pacific, but I hear it is quite a spectacular blue. While this blue is not very bright, there is something quite remarkable about it. I cannot help but stare at this shell, and I often feel as though I'm getting lost in its coloration. That is where I got the name. Really though, this shell, like all the rest, was found on the New Jersey shore.

Easily one of my favorites, though I would be thrilled to sell it, I would be sad to finally send it off--much like the other I named "Ebb Tide."

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