18 June 2009

Google Web Analytics

A few weeks ago I signed up for Google Web Analytics, a free service that lets you analyze incoming data from people visiting your website. I have it set up to monitor primarily my Etsy Trupinys shop, but also set it up on the blog for giggles. It has been particularly useful in seeing how many things I have to post in order to have x-amount of Etsy shop views per day.

Anyway, the most interesting thing thus far, is reviewing the referring sites page. It actually tells me what site the viewer was on before mine that led them to navigate to my Etsy shop. Of the top ten, some are what I would expect: DeviantArt--which is actually in the number one spot--where I am constantly linking back to my Etsy; this blog--number 5--where, again, I am constantly linking back to Etsy; Facebook--number three--where I've recently made a business page that people can become fans of.

The post surprising, however, is number two. Number two, the second most populated(?) referring site, is Twitter. Though I myself do not have a Twitter account, apparently my Monsters are something to Tweet about.

I've been tempted to make an account on the ridiculous thing just to see if I could find posts about my shop and/or Monsters. However, based on the limited things I've seen of Twitter, I'm guessing that any hope of that is useless, so I'm not going to.


  1. you can totally make a twitter account and then we can use it like IM and talk to each other...only then everyone can read it. OMG EXCITING!!!!!11 [/sarcasm]

    I do have one though. my last post that I remember was in february and it was "I'm bored"

  2. Considering how awful I am at keeping my Gmail chat status up to date... Although, I DO still have "Day n Night" stuck in my head, so I guess it is still appropriate.


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