18 June 2009

Old man update

I have not finished him yet. I've been moving forward with him very slowly as I make more Monsters and more habitats.

I finished dusting on skin. I don't think I need to do any of his lower half really, because that will all be clothed. I finished his awful tan, though. Also, I made his cane so he does not look so awkward anymore. I made his bum and added bits as promised. But I forgot ears.
This picture has his face in focus.
This picture has everything else in focus.
Old man bum!

Stevie just suggested that I simply find a bit of towel and make sure it can be lifted. While this is hysterical. I would find his pointing all that more upsetting. Hopefully it seems less disturbing once he is clothed and has a little dog that isn't listening.

And actually I had wanted to finish him this week, before my mom and dad are here. So I don't just have a naked old mad with bits sitting on my desk. But, I FINALLY got a large order of 15 Monsters confirmed that are needed ASAP, and I need to finish cleaning before my mom and dad get here. So... I will just have a naked old man with bits on my desk.

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  1. ok so thats the cutest wing wang Ive ever seen!
    gave you a follow


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