02 June 2009

June Sale!

June is buy two Timid Monsters, get one (of equal or lesser value) free month!

In order to claim your free Monster you have two choices:
1) go ahead and purchase all three (all six, all nine, etc) and pay through PayPal; afterwards I'll refund you the full price of one (two, three, etc) Monster(s).
2) send me an Etsy conversation regarding which three (six, nine, etc) Monsters you would like; I'll mark them reserved and alter the prices to reflect the free price. Please note that Etsy does not let me post for below $0.20, so you free Monster will be $0.20 and another Monster will be twenty cents less than it ought to be.

Now for restrictions. Sorry, but habitats and themed/special occasion Timid Monsters cannot be combined with this offer.

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