02 June 2009

I did a bit o'remodelling on the blog today. Nothing so drastic as I wanted, but I will need to wait for Vytas to help me make more sense of the html script. Seeing as how it was his birthday, I decided to let him nap for three hours rather than bother him to help me code things.

Anway, here are some new items. I may or may not make "Stay out of the long grass" a regular item; I'm sort of waiting to see how well it will be received. Also, Jolene is the first of hopefully many constellation Monsters!

Stay out of the long grass! (Totally inspired by one of my favorite movies.) My lawn appears to be infested with tiny Monsters. This is the first I was able to catch. He appears to be quite tame and afraid of lawnmowers, scythes, and pruning shears.
Jolene is much revered by the other Timid Monsters. They believe she fell from the sky, but really she was hatched just like everyone else. Jolene is afraid of heights, escarole, and limp tuna.
Bermuda features a pale orange and creme colored piece of shell that has been formed into a smooth triangle by sand and water. The shell has been securely attached to a sterling silver plated bail. It hangs from a length of sheer, white organza ribbon. It has an adjustable length clasp and measures 17.5 to 19 inches. The pendant is roughly 1.5 inches tall by 1.25 inches wide.

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