14 July 2009

Time for a longer than necessary update.

HaHA! I am self aware enough to know that I am long-winded. It isn't only the readers who sigh at my rambling.

Ok, here is an update of projects I have going on, their statuses, and well... sort of a checklist to make sure I don't forget anything (it is better to have it here than anywhere in my disaster-stricken room).

  • Retro Toy Timid Monster -- DONE!
  • Three friends, wine-love, photographer, violinist -- still waiting on order confirmation
  • Dwarf Paladin -- on hold for at least three weeks
  • 12 panel wall art --STARTED!

I am considering making a post with information about commissions that I can permanently link back to. If you see something odd like that in the coming days, now you know why I'm posting it.

My sister's wedding stuff:
  • Cake topper -- confirmed; I have rough measurements, colors, photos to work from, but have not yet started.
  • Veil -- looks like a veil! And I started the beadwork. Probably about a fifth done after a solid hour ish of work. Not as slow/long as I thought it would be.
  • Ring bearer pillow -- all the materials are bought; not started
  • Flower girl basket -- all the materials are bought; still mulling over my plan of attack
  • Guest book -- all the materials might be bought?; waiting to see what is left after the basket and the pillow
  • Wedding party favors--still collecting a list of colors and such
  • SUPER ULTRA SECRET -- all the materials are bought, a plan of attack has been, well, planned and I am waiting for a clean workspace to start.

Gifts (haha I bet you didn't know this was a category!):

  • Blanket -- I decided to crochet a blanket for a wedding I cannot make it to on August 1st. Because of the so soon deadline, this has mostly taken the front burner.

Also exciting, I may be having a give away of something little and fun. It will be easy to win as so far there are only 17 of you following my blog to enter. This is not to say it is only limited to followers, just that you have advantage of knowing about it soonest and such. Ok more on that later.

What else did I want to say? Um... other ideas or projects?

OH! I am thinking about changing the nature of Timid Monsters. Not their designs or their stories, but their being one of a kind/unique. I am thinking about keeping them in stock. Does that make sense? So like my more popular ones (Chandler and Sinclair come to mind) would be open editions. And I would keep making repeats. This would mean that they wouldn't all be unique.

It would be easier on me not in creating the Monsters, but in creating the names/stories as I could re-use things. It would also be good for art shows (and maybe in my Etsy shop) where many people asked, "Oh, do you have this or that name? No? Nevermind then..." I could have a stock of common/popular names.

But, this means that each Monster would no longer necessarily be one of a kind/unique. Any input to offer? Opinions one way or the other?


  1. "Oh, do you have this or that name? No? Nevermind then..."

    in those situations you could always just give them your business card and say you do custom monsters.

  2. I would EXCEPT that one person's husband said, "Custom? Why pay for custom, honey, when these are so cheap?" Assuming that even a normal Timid Monster with just a special name would be as much as if they ordered one of the super-fancy commissions I've done.


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