25 August 2009

Ok so it is mid/late-August and I never thought of a sale for July. I am trying to get things done/organized to introduce new items/Monsters/jewelry when I return home. Maybe if I'm not giganticly lame I will have a back-to-school sale on jewelry or something

Currently I am in Chicagolandia. Vytas and I made the journey to see his dad who is recently out of the hospital, and so I could go to the bachelorette party I planned for my sister. On Sunday our families threw us a surprise engagement party. There were lots of relatives and friends we haven't seen in a long while, so it was pretty exciting.

Um... I guess that's mostly what I have to say for now. Other than my sister liked her veil, ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket and guest book, as well as the super secret gift which was a Princess Leia gold bikini for her bachelorette.

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