30 September 2009

Cake topper

My sister commissioned a Timid Monster cake topper.
It featured a replica of her dress, a mini version of the veil I made her, a tiny bouquet of roses and daisies, a matching hair-do modelled after pictures from her hair and make-up trial run, and of course, a dashing little groom.

They chose green and yellow for the groom because his favorite baseball team is the Oakland As. She is "old school"--apparently--Chicago White Sox. And, of course, she couldn't have been a black and white Monster in a wedding dress next to a groom in black. AND for those who didn't know, which I think is mostly everyone, Chris proposed to Damon on the score board of a Sox/As game on the 4th of July. So at the very least, the bride is nice and patriotic.Here is a picture of the topper on the cake. I think it could have stood to be a little bigger, but it was the first topper I've ever made. Also, it fit perfectly in the little fancy ring-o-frosting the bakery did as a placemarker. So I guess it was alright.

And! If you look around the bottom of the cake, those are all future posts. Hmmm, what could they be?! The answer to come!

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