25 September 2009

Facebook Fanpage!

A while ago I made a Fanpage on Facebook incorrectly. These past two days, I've been working to remake it correctly. Now that I've finished, I have tried adding a "become a fan on Facebook" button to my blog page. However, Internet Explorer is giving me yet another reason to switch to FireFox.

Apparently using Facebook's button-adding wizard counts as cross-site script changing. I tried to be clever and add the button from the Blogger side of things, but it turns out I'm not really that clever.

So until I figure it out, or Stevie gives in and helps me, you can now be a fan, if you so choose, at this link:

Or not. What the hell? I can't copy and paste links?

Ok let's try this: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trupinys-Timid-Monsters-and-Art-by-Trish-Czech

If that doesn't work, then I'll be getting back to all this later. I need food now.

EDIT: HAHAHA that link indeed does not work! Maybe if I try that embedding a link thing.... Facebook Fanpage!

2nd EDIT: Ok that last attempt worked. Sorry I'm apparently more computer illiterate that I had previously believed.

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