08 October 2009

Brief reprieve with a sneak preview!

I know I am not done posting the Bridal Party Timid Monsters yet (hey! my sister had 20 people in her bridal party not counting herself or the groom), but I thought I'd give you a reprieve and post one of my latest commissions AND the start of a new line of Timid Monsters!

TADA! Timid Monster Plushes! Something I had been talking about doing forever and was finally pushed into with a commission request from Tiffany over at PicnicBasketCrafts. Thanks for the boost forward! They were a blast to make, and I will have plenty more finished and up for individual sale soon.

I like the bright blue one with the distrusting gaze. Oh! And they all have spots on their butts/backs! I'll post more pictures when I start posting them for sale.

I will now return you to your regularly schedule Bridal Party Monsters.

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