19 October 2009


This past week I had an old friend visiting from Chicago-land. She had never been to the East coast, so we did a lot of the usual tourists things. We spent a lot of time in Manhattan tromping through Central Park, mid-town, downtown, and the Greenwich area. We saw Chinatown, Little Italy, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Battery, Rockefellar Center, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and, of course, Time Square. And! we saw everything in between these sites as well!

Well, I was seeing it all again. But I was more than happy to go about seeing it all with her, but this morning I dropped her off at the airport and have been trying to gain some kind of productive momentum since.

I have a number of commisisons I'm working on. I'm still trying to get my website up and running and functional, and I am getting my shop ready for the holiday season. Whew, I'm already exhausted just from thinking about it.

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