25 October 2009

I'm behind on posting a few commissions.

I've been too lazy to take "making of" photos of these. I am particularly pleased with the Cubs logo on the t-shirt and am rather happy with the translucent clay I used for the beer mug.
I wish the skateboarder had more normal looking hair and not just a bowl cut-looking thing. But, I was trying for different boy hair, and it didn't happen so well. Heh.
Overall I'm quite pleased!

So here they are!


  1. They are great little monsters! So timid!

  2. These are awesome! I have been meaning to tell you THANKS for doing the commission for my friend. I adore the 3 little monsters, you executed them perfectly! I especially love mine and think the little tattoo on his tail is hilarious. Best Present EVER! Thanks thanks thanks! I'm still wanting to get a Palidin dwarf done for my boy, he has recently respec'd his main, so I will have to get an screenshot of his new armor and some cash so I can have you start making the little guy.
    PS: the wedding looks like it turned out awesome!


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