27 October 2009

Not allowed to sleep anymore.

Yesterday I woke up to a phone call from my sister. Only, I didn't actually answer the phone because upon awakening to my ring tone, my first thoughts was, "Oh! Where's the circle pillow?" I then proceeded to search the bed and blankets for the circle pillow. Finally, after realizing we don't actually own a circle pillow, I figure out it is my phone ringing. I fumble around the shelf above the bed, finally find the phone, and then can't figure out how to answer it until I miss the call.

Last night, I went to bed at about midnight, telling Vytas to try, but not too hard, to wake me up in the morning when he is leaving for work. I vaguely remember him doing this and telling me that it was 6:30, and he was getting ready to go. I woke up about 2o minutes later--or so it seemed--and was shocked to see it was 12:30p. Yeah.

That! And the doozeys I've been dreaming up make me wonder if there wasn't a massive spill at a halucinogenic drug company upriver of my drinking water source.

So my ultimate decision from all this, is that I'm not allowed to sleep anymore.

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